Research Projects


  • Do Primaries Work? Bayesian Models of Constituent Ideology and Congressional Nominations

    Doctoral thesis. Published on ProQuest and open-source on Github.

  • Voter Identification and Nonvoting in Wisconsin—Evidence from the 2016 Election

    Joint work with Ken Mayer. Published in the Election Law Journal. Ungated PDF available on request.

  • The Unremarkable Gender Gap of 2016

    Joint work with Barry Burden and Evan Crawford. Published in The Forum. Ungated PDF available on request.

Papers in progress

  • Partisanship, Mobilization, and Persuasion in Group Voting: A Study of the Gender Gap

    Joint work with Barry Burden. Open-source on Github.

  • Polls, Forecasts, and Voters’ Perceptions of Uncertain Election Outcomes

    Joint work with Ben Toff and Zach Warner. Open-source on Github.

Other projects

  • Election Landscapes: The Great Lakes States

    Led by the MIT Election Data and Sciences Lab in collaboration with researchers at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and Ohio State University.

  • Horizontal Directors

    Data science research assistance for Yaron Nili, UW–Madison School of Law. Published in Northwestern University Law Review